Solar Phenomenon Eclipsed By Health And Safety Lunacy March 2015

As a lot of you are no doubt aware that tomorrow (20th March 2015) the United Kingdom shall be subjected for the wonderful solar phenomenon known as a solar eclipse. Up North in Scotland the solar eclipse shall be far more spectacular than down in the South, like Cornwall but either way the solar eclipse shall still be something that shouldn’t be missed as the next one shall take place in 2026. But I am sad to say that the  lobby in their high viability jackets, white hard hats and clipboards are out in force to try and sabotage this wonderful natural spectacle and turn it into a ‘Nanny State’ stage show!

I read with interest in a well-known newspaper that a school will not be allowing their students to view the solar eclipse, due to Health and Safety, which is really sad to hear as I am sure that the children in the primary school would have loved to see the solar eclipse and learn all about how and why this solar eclipse is happening. But no, due to Health and Safety the children shall be penned up inside the school and miss out on all the action going on outside their windows. One of the arguments (as I understand it) is that the glasses you can wear to view the solar eclipse will not fit small children… but if that is the case, why not have the children make their own pin-hole cameras today so that they can use them tomorrow to view the solar eclipse?

Don’t think it is just school children who are being subjected to the Health and Safety lobby in their high viability jackets, oh no… they are also targeting drivers! It seems the RAC is saying that accidents will happen when the roads are plunged into darkness. If I am driving and it gets dark while driving I tend to turn on the correct lights so it improves my visibility. I am sure drivers will use their headlights as it starts to get dark during the solar eclipse. THE RAC’s argument is that due to the solar eclipse being early in the morning at commuting time, this shall distract drivers and that some drivers could be tempted to look at the solar eclipse as they drive along.

Lastly… people taking selfies… well common sense should prevail here!

The main thing about the solar eclipse is to enjoy it, but enjoy it safely. Don’t look at it head on with the naked eye or look through telescopes or lenses. Stay safe and enjoy the solar eclipse!

Take it easy,

Arctic Tundra Fox

The photographs in this blog are owned by ©Arctic Tundra Fox unless otherwise stated, and not for public domain use, thank you.


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