Happy Wet New Year, Belated February 2016

It has been a really long time since I have been blogging / writing. I am just been really busy and involved with work and writing articles and so on which is why I had put the blogging on the back burner for a while, so to speak. I really hope that you are all keeping well and having a really enjoyable and productive year so far and that things are going smoothly and as planned for you all.



Well, it has been a really wet start to the year for me, which isn’t unusual, it always seems like January and February for me is flood season, so to speak, no matter where I am in the world. The flood water around here at the moment has been really high and fast flowing, which made work rather interesting during the period in which it was hammering it down with rain and flooding.


The flooding this year so far has been really fast flowing and deep. It has been well over knee deep in most countryside lanes and the small countryside tracks. Some areas of the paddocks are also well over ankle deep in flood water as well. There is muddy brown water all over the countryside at the moment and it is heavy duty waterproof and rubber boot weather for at least a few more days from what I can tell.


Due to quick thinking and a little forward planning and a lot of hard work, the stables were well defended against the flow of the flood water. But no matter how good a flood defense is, the water will always find it’s way in. The flooding in the stables was almost held at bay.


But for now, at least the flooding has stopped and that is fine by me, although flooding and rain can produce some stunning and dramatic scenes for photography, truly.


Take it easy,

Arctic Tundra Fox

The photographs in this blog are owned by ©Arctic Tundra Fox unless otherwise stated, and not for public domain use, thank you.


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